Meet the Team


Today I’m posting my first blog entry for my media coursework. In this lesson, we learnt about how the AS Media coursework is constructed and how the marks are spread throughout it. The first thing we had to do, was form a team of four people. In these teams, we will be working together to produce our coursework.

The members of my team are; William Stoner, Krzysztof Banul, Nicola Okezie and myself, Phoebe Humphries.

This blog will be focussing on the research, planning of my preliminary task and the main task. The main task is to create a film title opening sequence, that will last around two minutes. The preliminary task will be a continuity piece, that short clip has to include the 180-degree rule, match on action and shot reverse shot. We have already started discussing what our responsibilities could be in this task, I could be in charge of the lighting and the set/props, but we would all equally help and spread out the work during our tasks. 

I look forward to completing our preliminary work and I’m eager to see what our team can create together.



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