Preliminary Brief


Today we started our looking at our preliminary task in further detail, the task is to create a continuity piece that should last at least 60 seconds. Below is an image of the exact brief and everything we need to include in our piece.



Below is a PowerPoint I created looking at the different shots we will need to use for this task and a definition for each one.


The Do’s and Don’ts of the task.

  1. Must include everything in the brief e.g. the different shots, opening the  door, the dialogue.
  2. Nothing set/based in a College.
  3. Avoid using anything graphic e.g. guns, knives, drugs or swearing.
  4. Try and make it create an intense atmosphere, when watching it.
  5. Acting must be of a good quality.
  6. Can’t be a cliché.


Now I know what I have to include in my preliminary task and what I should avoid doing, I can set off and start researching into continuity. I will look into the nature of continuity editing, the history of continuity and finally the different devices and shots that help  to create the perfect seamless continuity edit.


Links to the clips used in my PowerPoint:

180-Degree Rule example

Match on Action example

Shot/Reverse shot example



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