Research – Sets


Sets are important as it creates the feeling for the film, if you fail to dress the set to a high standard it will break the continuity and overall make it look bad.

We needed to find an area which had a hallway, door and a room with enough space to fit two people.


So we went location scouting:


This is the hallway were we would film the opening shot, the CU of the feet of the lawyer walking.


Next we found the room where we would be filming most of our shots, for the actual dialogue and entering the room. It also would be our match on action shot, when we open the door and cut to the lawyer entering.


One thing we knew, was that the carpet in the hallway wouldn’t be loud enough for the microphone to pick up, therefore we found a hard floor for the lawyer to walk over, so the footsteps could be heard and used for Foley sound in post production.



Here is the final photo which shows inside the room, the two chairs opposite one another and the table which they converse over.


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