Final Research – Costumes and Lighting

Finally the last research I will be doing is looking into costume and lighting.

Classic Costumes in film

Costumes help us see who and what the character is into and helps us learn more about their role in the film. Below are two classic costume designs that are known for their style, and we instantly recognise who they are for it, e.g. the Addams family for wearing dark gothic clothing with lots of stripes.

Image result for famous costumes in film

Image result for 101 dalmatians 1996

Costume Design for Preliminary




This would be something that we wouldn’t focus on much for our preliminary task, as it was mainly a continuity task. But it was still worth researching, to understand what and why it is useful.

Lighting sets the mood for the scene and makes the audience feel safe, invited or even lost.

Here’s a table below showing the different atmospheres it can create:

Image result for lighting and mood diagram


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