Title Sequences

The purpose of the title sequence is to hint towards the theme of the film, not to tell the story. Having very little plot in the title sequence is a good aim to have.

If we look at Se7en we can see what we are looking for in a title sequence.


  1. Typography is key in hinting at the theme/story.
  2. Audio adds to the atmosphere of it.
  3. The amount of cuts and different images makes it more intense.
  4. Hinting at the theme from words on the screen in newspapers, photos without any story being told.
  5. Specific order of the credits and roles.

Main Task

I can relate this to my main task as I need to create the same form of media and do it to a high standard of quality, just like Se7en has shown.

  1. Research into typography.
  2. Look into different genres and themes.
  3. Find out more about the history of title sequences.

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