Mood Board

By creating this mood board, it helps set the initial ideas into a visual guide and will help create my draft storyboard for my title sequence, as I will look back at it to help regain any previous feelings, inspirations or ideas.

Shutter Island – Textual Analysis


 Here are all the shots from the title sequence:

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 Shot 4

1 – The hand is rightly framed meaning the person hold dominance. The lack of knowledge of who the hand belongs to creates suspicion which then heightens the mystery of the thriller.

2 – The non diegetic music builds up in this shot and hits the climax of the build up when the page is turned. Which means you are waiting and anticipating what’s going to show up on the other shot.

3 – The lighting in this shot is still low key lighting however not as dark as the other due to it showing someone’s hands, which makes us focus on what they are doing.


shot 4

Shot 12 – Final Shot

  1. This final shot just shows the title of the film- ‘Shutter Island’. The font is the same as it has been all the way throughout the entirety of the sequence, bold and blocked lettering making is simple and not light hearted.
  2. The colour used is the same which was used for titles at the beginning of the sequence which was a dark blood red, the colour connotes danger and blood which can be taken by viewers as unsettling as they already have a brief idea of what might appear in the film.
  3. The music is used to make it seem dramatic and tense, and after 3 seconds of showing the title there is a crash zoom onto the name which is just emphasising the story and the name making it the focus of audiences attention.

shot 12

The title sequence


Se7en – Textual Analysis

Textual Analysis of Se7en’s Title Sequence

I’m writing this analysis post as I think researching into this film will help my main task project as it has a similar look as to what I would like to create and portrays a thriller film extremely well.

Textual Analysis

The Title Sequence:

Behind the Scenes – Extra Se7en Information