Typography – Communicating Meaning


The typeface is more important than we first might think, we can alter the font to make the reader feel certain things and portray a certain meaning.

We can do this by changing the size, weight and colours to change the meaning. Font should also try and reflect what it is representing, e.g. if there is a horror film, then the font shouldn’t try and be curly and light. It needs to try and conform to the media it is for.

Below we can see the photo of two words, peace and war. The first is a very basic standard font, that really doesn’t portray any meaning or emotion. The next font works well for the word peace, as its very delicate and light, with italics, which follow along with the meaning of the word, it does no harm. In contrast this doesn’t work well for the word war, as it seems not to represent the brutality and truth about what war is like. Its not soft and delicate, that’s why the last font is best suited for war. This is because its a harsh, heavy and bold font. It shows the honesty of war, the tough, deadly meaning behind it.


Image result for typography communicates meaning

Hopefully from this we can see that the typography is extremely important and I will need to pick the best suited font for our main task, as it will help to hint towards the psychological thriller theme of our title sequence.


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