Typography – Thriller Films

Title Sequences

A horror film, called Evil Dead. We can see that it will be a horror from the typography as its large, red and has tree branches on them, which represent night time, isolation. The red colour shows that blood might be involved and finally the sharp edges on the V and A show that scary things could occur.

Image result for coraline title sequence

Next up is Coraline, which is a child’s thriller/horror film. The font gives away some of the themes that are in the film, the word is written in thread and the O is the button, which is a reoccurring theme. The sharp and tall letters also represent a thriller/horror as its creepy and almost like spiders legs, it gives away a small bit of terror.

Image result for psycho title sequence

 Finally is Psycho, a psychological thriller. The font type is very basic but it gives us a small look into what the film might be about. All the words are the same height and placed close together, this could mean that the film

The font used is a  Serif font, it is usually associated with women because it has a feminine look to it. The black text colour links to the title of the thriller and connotes a dark or evil sense to the film. The contrasting colours of the background and title, show that there might hidden secretes or struggles in the film.

Analysing these fonts has helped my coursework as I can now see how each little part of typography communicates meaning and how to do so myself. The use of colour, thickness, size and placement is extremely important and can make or break a film.  


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