After Effects


After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a software that is used to create unique effects on clips, that would otherwise be hard to complete on premiere pro, or any other software. These effects can be seen in title sequences all the time and therefore looking into different effects will help me complete my coursework.


Firstly I researched the basic tools and uses in after effects, these can be seen below:

Composition – Where you can create multiple effects in one place, for one video. You can put compositions inside of other compositions, to make everything you do link together.


Layers – This is the different effects you have created, the videos and anything else you have done in program, it all goes into a layer, so you can comeback and edit it later.

Preview – The way to see what your effect looks like when the video is running, also can be controlled by pressing the spacebar.

Effect – This is where all of the different effects are stored, to use one you simply select the video you want to change, select effects then go onto decide which one you want to use.


Ctrl-D – This duplicates the layer you are currently working on.

S – When you select a layer and press S, you bring up the scale. You can change the size and distort the layer here.

P – When you select a layer and press P, this brings up the positioning. You can alter where something is and if it travels during the video.

Mode – This is seen in almost all of adobe products, this is the mode where you can alter how a layer is registered. You can alter the lighting, the opacity and how it overall looks and reacts to other layers. e.g. Soft Light, Screen, Multiply and Exclusion.



Effects that are used in title sequences:

-Visual Stutter (making the font or the screen shake and stutter from side to side.)

-Double Exposure (makes one video transparent so another video can be seen under it.)

-Text Smoke (making the text appear after a cloud of smoke has passed.)



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