Double Exposure First Attempt – After Effects

Double Exposure

Double exposure is when you have an object and within it, you can see another clip inside. This is my first attempt at using After Effects to create a composition.

Step By Step Guide:


First step was to import the videos, I found these online for free resources. They are low quality, but will help my testing. I then created a new composition which held all the video’s.


The composition settings were 250 x 144, which is extremely low and you can see this in the final result. Next time I will try this, I will make sure it is 1920 x 1080.


Then I clicked on the Forest video, and held down Ctrl-Shift-C, to pre-compose it. This moves all the attributes into it, so I can easily edit them.


Next I duplicated this layer (Ctrl-D) and slightly moved the image over, then finally changing the mode to ‘Multiply’


Then I went to Effect > Colour Correction > Curves. This is to make the band at the top of duplicate layer to blend in with the one underneath it.


Then again to Effects > Colour Correction > Tint. This made the entire clip be in black and white. Then I went to Colour Correction > Levels and altered it to make sure it had more grey tones.


After the forest was done, I went back to the girl clip. I needed to remove the green screen and replace it with a transparent background. To do this I went to Effect > Keying > Keylight (1.2)


I selected the screen colour as the green in my video, by using the dropper tool. I also made the clip black and clip white larger, so it would pick up the differences in the background and the girl.


Then I finished with that layer, I changed the track matte for the forest clip to be ‘Alpha Matte’ Which means It would overlay onto the girl video. 


Duplicated the girl video, then went to Effects > Colour Correction > Tint. This made it the same as the forest.


I then went back to the keylight of the new girl layer and created a pre-compose layer, which would be the edge mask. I increased the Screen Softness and turned down the Screen Shrink/Grow.


One of the final steps was to go to Layer > Solid… I created a new solid colour background and dragged it to the end of the list of objects in the composition file. Then I changed the duplicate girl layer track matte to be Luma Inverted Matte.


Final Outcome

Here is the final outcome, researching and testing this after effects has helped my coursework as it has made me aware how tricky it is to perfect certain looks and that I will need to make sure everything is in line to have the best outcome. As this didn’t have the final desired look due to the low quality videos and my lack of experience. I will try to attempt this look again.


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