Character Creation – Victims

Avatar Creations

After talking with Nicola, we decided we needed to create the character designs for our two victims to help us understand what and who they are. This would also aid us in creating the costumes and when casting the actors.


Victim 1 – Character Design

Here is the first design, we went for something smart and classic, red hair and green eyes. Obviously the casting will alter these designs but the style still remains. Long straight hair, soft features.

Victim 1 is known for doing well in her subjects and wants to do well in life, she keeps to herself and hasn’t annoyed anyone since she was born.



Victim 2 – Character Design

Here is the design for victim 2, we also went for something natural, that would just blend into society. Straight black hair with a fringe and brown eyes. 

Victim 2, is more fun but still quiet and is afraid of breaking the rules, making the murderer ‘Rose’ angry and jealous of her talent.


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