Prop Creation – ‘The Murder Book’

Things that I used:

Step by Step:


1. You should have 1 piece of A4 black card, some masking tape and an old book that you no longer have interest in. Firstly take the book and decided where you want the black paper to cover.


2. Using the A4 paper, it should cover the book entirely, but this could be an issue depending on how many pages the book has. 

You should leave 1 cm of paper spare on each side as you will be folding this over/under the sides of the book. From the picture above you can see that after you have folded the paper under the cover, it should create a a blank canvas for the cover.


3. Next you need to tape down all the sides in the book, so the black card doesn’t move and will stay in place. Next I added more masking tape, to create a old, used look, as if the book was falling apart and taped back together.


4. Then I did the other side, and added some red lipstick to the front and some black ink, to show that it has been used a lot and is dirty/old.


5. Finally I taped down the side to make sure the crease of the book stayed in place and wouldn’t move. This also made both sides of the book flow together as the masking tape created the illusion that the spine of the book was broken and put back together.


Final Touches:

Some of the final touches I did were on the internal design. I added more tape to the joining part of the card and inside cover. This helped create the used effect. I also added the name of our killer, ‘Rose’ in all capital letters in a simple but harsh font. This gives off the idea that this book belong to her and she is the one who has done all this. 

Then I added some chunky bits of tape to random sections of the book to make it stick out and not close properly, this gave the illusion that shes filled all these pages, when actually they are just random pages of text.

After filming a few test shots, this is the outcome of some of the items within the book using clearer photos. I did a red X , and this can mean many things e.g. red is symbol for danger, blood and aggression and an X can denote ‘no’ and ‘wrong’. So overall this can show her past and her subconscious feelings. 

Then next we have the almost literal version of the red X, into letters of ‘STOP’ and ‘NO, NO, NO, NO.’ which are repeated over and over again, which can tell the audience that the killer might be stressed and reliving something from the past which still haunt her.


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