Production Diary – Day 1

Day 1

The first day was mainly for the creation and testing shots of the ‘murder book’ for Roses character. Here are a few sneak peak shots of what I did.


First I had to use the ‘murder book’ and film the opening shots of the book, and the flipping of the pages. I just tested different things out whilst filming using the storyboard as a rough guideline, but experimented with different shots and lighting. 

2017-01-21 (1).png

Here’s one of the test shots that I did, I set up a blue light and dimmed it to its lowest setting to get this hue in the shot. I like the way this turned out as darker colours like blue go well with thriller’s as it denotes cold weather and isolation.


In this picture you can see that, inside the book, there is written ‘STOP’ and ‘NO, NO, NO.’ I did this by drawing on the book with a red lipstick. Red denotes danger, blood and being alert. The words I decided to write go alongside the story line and helps promote the idea that the main character, Rose, was abused and tortured in the past.   


I also started to prepare for more days of shooting, by printing out a few photos. I picked a lobotomy diagram and a surgery scene. I printed both in black and white to help create the idea that these things happened in the past.dsc_0411


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