Location Scouting

Today I went location scouting for our first scene with the dead body. This would be taking place outside, as we didn’t want it to all feature inside. We tested a few places out and here are the different places we looked at:


Firstly is this ‘bike area’, we needed this for a shot that showed the victim before their death, as a way to show the order of events. It didn’t look good from this angle as you could see everything in the background e.g. the houses, cars and the college. But from the reverse angle it looked good as you could only see the bikes.


Here is a shot of what we could see when we walked down towards the possible location, there is a sports court there, so we knew that unless the victim was participating in some sport that we couldn’t use it, and it didn’t fit along well with our story.


Here is one of the main locations that I thought we could film in, as its a very good location for someone to be positioned in, so that was useful for our cast as it means that there is enough space to fit.  One issue from this could be that when its a cold day, its going to be a hazard to film here and not very nice for the cast to lay on.


Here is another one of the main locations that I thought we could use. It’s much better than the last one as its off of the grass, so much nicer for the cast to be placed in. It also means the previous location could instead be used to place any gear or equipment, and any other cast members waiting. 

Overall I think we will be using this area for our scenes with the first victim, as its secluded, quiet and easy to move around to get a good shot.

Location scouting helps with my coursework as it narrows down where, how and when I’m going to shoot the different scenes.


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