Production – Creating Fake Blood

Since we couldn’t find any good fake blood in our small time frame, it was easiest for us to create our own. There are many ways to do this and we started by researching into the ‘Corn Starch’ method

Method 1 – Corn Starch

We couldn’t follow this method, even though the outcome was great, as we didn’t have any corn starch or syrup.

Method 2 – PVA Glue

This method involved taking PVA glue and mixing it with red ink to create a thick deep red coloured blood.

This didn’t go to plan.

Here is a video of Nicola and I mixing our first batch of fake blood, and photos of the end result.

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Final Attempt

Finally, I attempted using red transfer paint, which ended up looking really good and had the correct consistency of blood. We added in a few drops of green to help darken it too, to make it look more fresh.

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