Production Diary – Day 2

Day 2 

Today we focused on using water and any products from the art department, mainly we used ink to create these cool effects. They look like dispersing blood and fungus growing/spreading around. 


This was the first test, in a small bowl we filled it with water to the half way mark. This made sure that we would have room to film the rest of the bowl outside it, as that could break the continuity of the film. In my opinion this shot doesn’t look that great as you can’t really see the black ink moving, the water went dark straight away, and only a tiny bit in the center is what we wanted to see.


Next we tried the same attempt, but with red ink. I also moved the camera so the lighting would create more of a shadow in each corner of the frame. The ink worked really well as you can see every little bit of the ink moving around and dropping into frame. It also looks a lot like blood dripping into a sink, so that illusion is helpful.


Here’s a small sneak peak of some of the best shots that we took. We filled the sink with water and then dropped random ink inside and the ink swirled around and creating some really beautiful patterns. We also took the plug out of the sink and let the ink flow into the drain, which also created some good shots.

Overall today was a very good day, as we got some excellent shot to use as overlays on our other shots and to use in After Effects.



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