Production Diary – Day 3

Day 3

On day 3, we went out and bought some more props, below are a few photos that I took of them, mostly flowers. We also started to use the photos that I printed out in some tester shots and real ones that we could use.


We followed some of our initial ideas of using flowers, but ultimately went for the idea in our storyboard of using a white rose, which denotes purity and innocence.


The plan is to use these to drop onto the ‘victims’ bodies as a signature of Rose, the killer. And then to use them for other shots like  using fake blood, water and ink with them.


The main shooting today was on the cutting, ripping and dropping of the photos. Above is a photo of us cutting the images with a white background. They turned out alright, might have to redo a few shots but most are okay and will probably be able to use them.


Finally here is a sneak peak at one of the shots I took of the paper after a close up of crumbling up the paper. This will go really well with an intense score alongside the title sequence, as it will make the viewer feel uncomfortable and on edge.



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