Production Diary – Day 4

Day 4 – Today we focussed on using water with the photos and red ink too. This would create some cool effects on camera and show the story of the character/title sequence.


Heres a sneak peak of one of the first shot we took, we had to get this 100% perfect otherwise it would have been impossible to reshoot due to the water ruining the image. It think this day went really well as we got a lot of varied shots that all looked good and were all in focus.


Heres another shot of what we did, this was slightly out of focus but it will look great as an overlay on another image, most of what we did today is useable in our eyes are will hopefully create something that looks amazing.


Then after this we started to add red ink into the water, like blood was being washed off of Rose’s hands. It looked fantastic seeing the ink disperse into the water and slowly turn red/pink.  


This shot is the very last thing we took. To make the red ink drop into the water we used a rubber glove, filled it with ink and punctured small holes in it. So the last shot is the glove being chucked into the water. The video itself isn’t that great as its doesn’t have a main focus and is boring. But little parts in it are well done e.g. the hand looks like a real hand, as the crinkles in the glove look like veins, but also its filled with the red water so looks creepy and almost alien like.



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