Production Diary – Day 5

Day 5: Today we started to film with the actors, we wanted to use the studio room in college, so we could use a green screen, but it was booked out and we couldn’t use it. So instead of postponing filming we decided to try out a ‘yellow screen.’ We knew this wouldn’t really work out but we wanted to test out the shots we could take and therefore had to make do.


Here is the first photo that I took of the day, we wanted the flower to drop onto the victims shoe/foot. The actual shot itself turned out really well, and look nice, but the yellow screen really did mess everything up when I went back to Adobe After Effects to see if it worked or not. We wanted to recreate this shot again but in an outside setting with the actor.


Here is another shot of the flower dropping scene, basically I wanted the flower to either fall near the lifeless hand or in it. Unfortunately the actor couldn’t help but flinch at the flower dropping as its a normal reaction, so next time we want the flower to not touch the actors hand, and maybe in an outside setting or  in a darker setting/room.


Next we used the fake blood we made and put it on Sophie, our actor that is playing ‘victim 2.’ We wanted a dark background to contrast what is being seen by the audience. This shot didn’t go that great as everyone on set was laughing at this point due to the unfortunate placement of the blood. It kept rolling down her neck and ended up looking like a badly made necklace. Even though this happened, Sophie did manage to keep calm and stay still for a few shots. 


Here is a close up of the blood, this shot looked really nice, this is the outtake, as she is smiling here but there is a good clip where she is emotionless. The blood doesn’t look that real here as the fake blood started to dry, but the image is still really good and useable. 


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