Production Diary – Day 7

Day 7 – Today was our first official cast shooting day, we had planned to film Victim 1’s murder scene/photos.

Firstly we shot the ‘before the murder’ clips, which show what and where victim 1 was before being killed. We used a bike, crossing a road and walking, but I stopped the filming here as the crossing the road and walking looked dreadful and wasn’t necessary for our film, as nobody needed to really see it. 


After this, we started off by dressing the actor in the correct costume, deciding that zipping up the hoodie would be the best decision/look. Then, as you can see from above, we started to apply the fake blood whilst on set.

We went for a head wound and a bloody nose, this showed that the cause of death was probably being beaten to death, with the final blow to the head. (That the nose bleed came from being punched.) 


Both myself and Nicola shared this duty equally, as we both wanted to create a fairly realistic wound with the tools we had. So, we took it in turns to apply and alter the makeup. Ending up with the photo above as our final special effect look.  

Then we started filming by shooting the ‘dead’ scene. Where Victim 1 is found/see dead near a brick wall, just from where she was riding a bike. We placed her in the location we found earlier from scouting, and positioned her facing SW (South West) so we could have some nice bright lighting to use.


We also did our ‘murder motif’ on the body too, but throwing a white rose on the dead body, this is what Rose does to her victims after they have passed. (and how she got the name Bloody White Rose, to begin with.) 

Here is a sneak peak of what she looked like during this time, this is a random shot from the day that wont be used, for clear reasons e.g. it looks disgusting and the lighting is bad. But you can get the idea of what that part of the day was like.


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