Prop Creation: ‘The Folder’

Another prop that we had to create from scratch was the folder, which would be used in the scene to show the history of the killer, Rose and who had died that a case had be opened, but not yet solved.

Firstly we started by taking an A2 grey/beige piece of card, We then cut this in half to create one A3. (as when you fold it, it will become A4, which is the desired size.)

Then we decided that the colour wasn’t what we wanted, therefore, found a textured piece of brown paper. This worked so much better as the file cover.

Nicola put glue around the outside of the A3 card and stuck it down on the new brown paper. This allowed the file to have a realistic feel and look.

Next we trimmed around the edges of the folder, so the new paper covered the same dimensions as the card. This managed to hide the card underneath really well and it stayed put too, which removed any possible difficulties whilst filming. 

The first photo is what the folder looked like when it was just plain. But we wanted to maximise the look even more. So we cut a ridge out in the side of the folder, as this is a classic look of a folder which is being kept in an older organisation system. 



Finally Nicola started to create a stencil for the phrase ‘confidential’ so we could create a stamp like image on the folder. 

This took a while as using a craft knife to cut out detailed designs is repetitively annoying.



Here is the final look at what we managed to create, the smudged look was in fact an accident but I think it looks much better with it, as stamps are not perfect and do this and makes it seem older in general.


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