Production Diary – Day 8

Day 8 – Today we shot more things using water and blood. This time adding in the idea of a knife against the photos of the dead victims. This could show how and where the victims got hurt, or even the murderer getting ‘revenge’ back for where they hurt her. 

We started off by filming close ups (CU’s) of the photos and the knife, keeping it simple and only stroking the victim with the knife. Then I had the idea of ‘what if when we cut the photo, blood actually comes!’ Unfortunately our fake blood that we had created had been taken .  So we had to try and create this effect by using only acrylic red paint. 

This was surprisingly difficult as it is very thick and wouldn’t be the same consistency as blood. I started by cutting the images and ‘slicing them.’ Then we would cut filming, put the red paint underneath, then film again, showing me rapidly destroying the paper, whilst red paint or ‘blood’ was coming out. 

After filming Victim 2 first, we then smoothly went to film Victim 1. Which went well as the different location of the slices made an interesting look in comparison.

After carrying on filming we moved on to the sink. In simple terms, we put the photos in the sink, the blood washed away and made pink water. The images looked amazing and looked like the actual injuries did happen. The pictures were ripped and destroyed and simply… washed away.

Overall it was very successful and we made a lot of cool shots that were unique to our original plan!


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