Production Diary – Day 9

Day 9 – Today was a slower passed day for filming, as we didn’t need any actors or extras. It mostly about getting more shots to use in post and to prepare for the next day of filming. I spent my time, prepping and recording more ink and sink shots. Whilst Nicola was creating a Folder for the next day.

Below is a time-lapse video of us at the start of the day, it shows us getting ready for filming/creating by cutting and ripping up photos.

Here is a shot I took during shooting of the yellow ink mixing with the red to create this orange, this will hopefully be used in our title sequence to go with the primary colours used so far. I also did a lot of close ups and used the photos from before and wrecked them in the water.

Above are two photos from the set of me sorting out what inks I would be using, I started by choosing the 3 primary colours and a piece of red soft pastel. I started filming with the pastel first, didn’t go exactly to plan, so I emptied the sink and refilled it. Then I moved on to the yellow ink, then red.  


To do this, I held the camera in my left hand, whilst in my right I held a small paint brush flicking the ink into the water. Here is a photo that I took during filming of the ink mixing together. 


Whilst I was filming Nicola was making this folder, after 2 hours I had to stop as it was getting too hard to film by myself, and therefore moved on.

I also tried experimenting with a piece of wool  I found. To create some interesting shapes and words. Didn’t have much more time on set, so I had to move on pretty fast. But as you can see above I attempted to create an ‘R’ which represents the R in Rose.


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