Production Diary – Day 10

Day 10 – Today was probably one of the last days of shooting that we would officially be doing. As we have completed most of the shots that we needed, that of course is not including any retakes. 

We started off by preparing the Green room/ Studio room.


We went and gathered the needed costume from the science department, then set up the lights so the surgeon would be two beaming lights from either side. Giving this halo/god light effect on her. This could even suggest it was happening in the past due to the hazy look.


Here is what this looked like from the other-side of the room. There is a chair there are we started by shooting the surgeon sitting down and getting close ups of her face.

We also shot the surgeon ‘tools’, which consisted of a craft knife and modelling clay tool. We used the green screen for this as well as using the white walls in case the green screen wasn’t what we ultimately wanted in our title sequence.


Then we moved on to her walking towards the camera, at a steady pace, as then we knew it would work better later on in post, we could increase the speed or slow it down. We did this a few times, once with Nicola holding ‘tools’ and sometimes with nothing other than the mask.


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