Key-light 1.2 – Adobe After Effects

I wanted to refine my knowledge of using the key-light feature when using a green screen. We used a shot from our production to help see what our final result could look like.


Firstly I imported the clip I was going to test on to After Effects. Then went to Effects, and selected the KeyLight 1.2, which will remove the green screen from the video.


Then I selected the settings, here are the default ones, but what I do is I use the picker tool for Screen colour.

This then removes the green screen from the clip and replaces it with a black background (visually), but it is transparent (actually.)


I wanted to make sure it had the best quality so I altered the screen matte of the clip. This makes the video see a clear difference between the person and the background. This is what it would look like normally.


I kept altering the clip white and clip black settings, this made the black/white more vibrant and made a clearer difference. This helped a lot as this allowed any little particles in the video to be removed.


Here are the final settings for the Key-light 1.2 for this green screen test.


Next I added an image that represented an old abandoned hallway in a hospital, This was put under the video layer in the composition to take up the transparent space behind it.


The background was very light and didn’t fit the mood that I wanted to achieve. Therefore I went to the effects section, then colour correction and altered it, to make it look darker and moodier.


This then created a contrast between the background and the person, so i also changed the effects on them too. This involved changing the exposure in the colour correction tool to make them look like they are walking in the dark hall.

Here is the final result of the key-light 1.2 test.


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