Rendering Work – Adobe Premiere Pro


One issue that would happen when editing is that if we added any effects are changed too much with our videos, then Premiere Pro would run the video laggy and it wouldn’t help us editing as we can’t view the actual end product in real time.

Therefore, we had to learn how to render the work area, to make sure it all runs fine and helps our editing process.



Here is a screenshot of my work. The green/yellow/red line represents how the video runs. It is known are the render bar. The green bar is rendered in, this means it will run in real time and has a preview file. The yellow bar means that it will be rendering just before it plays and it most likely play in real time. It has no preview files with it. The red bar has  not be rendered. It has no preview files, uses the actual source, and is not going to play in real time, its more laggy depending on how much you change.


To make sure all of our work had a green/yellow bar we had to render the work area. To do this, you must go to Sequence > Render Entire Work Area. 


This will open a rendering box which will tell you how many frames are being rendered and how long it could take. Here is one from our work, as you can see it tells you how many frames there is to go. The more frames you are rendering the longer it will take to complete.


Here is what the render bar looks like afterwards. Mostly green and runs in full time, with no lag. By doing this, we will save time and be able to edit more effectively and efficiently. 


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