For our title sequence we needed a logo and a studio name, we originally were going to go with BurningFlowers Productions, but we felt this was a bit too long and didn’t represent us creators and what we do as a team. 

Therefore we joined our names together to form Nicobe, we did brainstorm some other ideas such as Phocola, Nicoebla and Nioecobela. We went with Nicobe as its easy to pronounce and looks nice. 

NICOBE STUDIOS is the official title, as it sounds nice and is unique to other companies. 

To create our logo we used a website called http://www.logaster.com


I typed in the name of our studio into the website and I had to select what type of logo theme I wanted. Originally I went with entertainment but later on swapped to Audio/Video as that showed closer options to what we needed.

I selected one of the logos and then edited it to suit what I wanted. To do this I had over 1909 pages of images to look through, and went with a clapboard as that is a good theme considering we are creating a title sequence. 


When creating the final logo, it came with many different options to pick from after downloading all the files. Three of which were transparent, then the other three were grey background, black and brown background. But we went with the first transparent one to use for our title sequence.


Here is what logaster gives you after downloading your logo, all these files, for free, in different formats to use. 


Here is the final logo. I went for this smooth modern font with little triangles on the side as its very simple but still gets across character of the studio. Using brown instead of black as its much lighter and gentler when looking at it.


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