Order of Titles – Typography

The typography that we would be using in our title would have to portray our theme of thriller and create a good atmosphere. So to start the search for fonts, I went online to a free font creator/downloader and started looking through the pages and themes of fonts and inserted the title ‘Bloody White Rose’ to have some idea of what it might look like.



From the above screenshot I made the choice of which ones did and didn’t work. Willy Wonka, Matrix, Matrix Code and UnderWorld didn’t work as they didn’t express a thriller look. On the other hand, Casper, Deanna and CSNPWDT NFI did portray this feeling due to the dripping, bold font with oddly placed letters in each word. This gave each of them a more daring and freaky vibe, which our piece was looking for. 

font 2.png

Here is a sample of what our final font choice would look like in our title sequence. It is more sophisticated than other fonts but still has that long, bold creepy look. I really like the fact that the letters are misplaced and not in a straight line in the top font. This will be used for the main title ‘Bloody White Rose.’

The bottom font example will be used for cast/crew and any other times, as its more simple but if I increased the spacing between the letters, it would create a creepy, modern and high quality look.


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