Music – Research into genres

Considering our genre for our title sequence is thriller, more specifically psychological thriller. The genre of music we use has to create atmosphere, tension and a build up to keep the audience in a grip whilst watching and leaving them wanting to see more.

For the music, it was decided that Nicola would be in charge of finding something that would fit, as I had to do the tasks of story-boarding, filming and editing… basically everything else.

Here are three options that Nicola found that we both listened to together:

Analysis of the first track is that the usage of piano and other slow and eerie instruments creates tension and the lower notes played makes it have a general build up, it would be good for certain thriller films. But I thought that the piano just felt too ‘happy’ in places and when played along with our piece it felt out of place and stale. It didn’t fit the theme we were creating for our title sequence.

Out of the three this was my least favourite, it didn’t have or create the correct feeling for our piece, it was too strong and would go well with a action thriller film, it was excellent for creating atmosphere, but for us, its just the wrong type of atmosphere.

Here was my favorite option for our piece as it fitted perfectly with our title sequence and had a strong deep sound under it, so it brings this power to our piece since it will be entirely score based. 


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