Bloody White Rose – Final Piece


Interlacing – Adobe Premiere Pro

If you watch my rough cut you will notice that there are horizontal lines throughout, this is due to the footage becoming interlaced. Therefore, for my final video I need to deinterlace the footage on the timeline and make sure the rendering settings are perfect so this doesn’t cause anymore issues.

Here is a video of mine, fixing and testing out how to delace a video, also showing my end results:

After Effects – Titles: Bloody White Rose

For my final piece I wanted to create something which went well with our piece by also challenged what you might normally see in thriller films. Most use a boring effects, which just fade in and out. But for ours I wanted there to be some sort of mystery to go along with our narrative. 

First Test:

I first tried to do something along these things, but it didn’t work at all, as the effect didn’t fit in with our piece. It was too much going on in comparison to the clips. So from this, I knew that I did need something sharp and simple like in other thriller films, but with a twist.

Final Choice:

This brought me on to create something like this. These effects might normally be seen in an action film or crime film. But I think I made this work well in our piece, as it works with the aspect of the surgeon and the murderer e.g. what did the surgeon do, was technology involved, the glitches also represent being unstable and flickers of being out of control, which our murder expresses. Therefore, this effect works really fantastically with our final product. 

Here are some screenshots from the creation of the main title:

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.45.37

Firstly in the media placeholder, I put in an image which the title sequence would be placed over, this was then duplicated and layered with different effects. Top one was inverted, the second was zoomed in tiny bit and last was the original. This created the background that you see in the final piece.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.46.02

Then I went on use my typeface and edit it to be exactly how I wanted it to be. This was large letters, not all in a straight line, misplaced, with the word white in the colour red. This meant I had to edit the font on the original typeface to create this design.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.46.08

Here are the actual settings I used for my main title, for the word White. I made it so the letters had more space between them, which made it have a better thriller feel to it. Increasing the size of the letters also did this, as it adds a dramatic effects.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.45.21

This is what the overall title looks like.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.46.34

To create the glitch effect. I had to separate each letter in each word so I could physically move pieces around in their own path. To create the glitch effect, at certain moments in the composition, I use two duplicated layers of the title, and changed one of them to red and the other to a blue colour, like a 3D effect. To make the letters move around in the same place and at the same time, I used the same features like I did for the Nicobe Studios logo. I selected the render comp and then the time scaling tool, which is like a little stopwatch logo. Then at certain moments, I make it so the logo goes up and then down at certain points, and the same for zooming in and out. 

Music – Research into genres

Considering our genre for our title sequence is thriller, more specifically psychological thriller. The genre of music we use has to create atmosphere, tension and a build up to keep the audience in a grip whilst watching and leaving them wanting to see more.

For the music, it was decided that Nicola would be in charge of finding something that would fit, as I had to do the tasks of story-boarding, filming and editing… basically everything else.

Here are three options that Nicola found that we both listened to together:

Analysis of the first track is that the usage of piano and other slow and eerie instruments creates tension and the lower notes played makes it have a general build up, it would be good for certain thriller films. But I thought that the piano just felt too ‘happy’ in places and when played along with our piece it felt out of place and stale. It didn’t fit the theme we were creating for our title sequence.

Out of the three this was my least favourite, it didn’t have or create the correct feeling for our piece, it was too strong and would go well with a action thriller film, it was excellent for creating atmosphere, but for us, its just the wrong type of atmosphere.

Here was my favorite option for our piece as it fitted perfectly with our title sequence and had a strong deep sound under it, so it brings this power to our piece since it will be entirely score based. 

Order of Titles – Typography

The typography that we would be using in our title would have to portray our theme of thriller and create a good atmosphere. So to start the search for fonts, I went online to a free font creator/downloader and started looking through the pages and themes of fonts and inserted the title ‘Bloody White Rose’ to have some idea of what it might look like.



From the above screenshot I made the choice of which ones did and didn’t work. Willy Wonka, Matrix, Matrix Code and UnderWorld didn’t work as they didn’t express a thriller look. On the other hand, Casper, Deanna and CSNPWDT NFI did portray this feeling due to the dripping, bold font with oddly placed letters in each word. This gave each of them a more daring and freaky vibe, which our piece was looking for. 

font 2.png

Here is a sample of what our final font choice would look like in our title sequence. It is more sophisticated than other fonts but still has that long, bold creepy look. I really like the fact that the letters are misplaced and not in a straight line in the top font. This will be used for the main title ‘Bloody White Rose.’

The bottom font example will be used for cast/crew and any other times, as its more simple but if I increased the spacing between the letters, it would create a creepy, modern and high quality look.

Order of Titles: Research

For our main task, we need needed to make sure the titles of the cast and crew are in the correct order. For this, I did research on websites like YouTube to watch actual film opening titles and watching the order that it appears. One that I used as my main reference is the Stargate (1994) film:

The titles that I have to create are above the line titles, which refer to being seen at the start of the film, unlike below the line titles which is at the end of the film, where the majority of peoples credits are. 

Here is the list I have created for the order of the titles that I will use in my main task:

After Effect – Titles: Nicobe Studios

The original plan was to use this logo that I created in after effects, add in a fade in/out transition and that would be it. But, due to the fact this website was free for only the smallest logos, when using after effects I realised that this logo was way too small for the frame and when I tried to increase the size, it would become pixelated. 


Therefore, I had to make the executive decision to cut this logo from our title sequence and start again in the idea and creation of the Nicobe Studios logo.

Here is a tutorial that I watched to create the new logo that I wanted:

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.39.01

Firstly, I had to start getting the shape prepared and to do this, I created a shape using the add shape tool, then made sure my composition was at the beginning, selected the duration tool, which looks like a little stop watch. Then I selected the size and placement of the square at the start, which is there not being one.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.39.12

Then I go to the end of the piece and move the square to how I want it to be in the end. This then creates two places in my piece that After Effects makes sure to transition to. I then did the same with the text, but had to animate it first, by left clicking the text and selecting this function. I then animated the area I wished it to be, and the made it so it dropped down into the rectangle.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.39.21

After this, I moved the two places on my piece around until I got them where I wanted the effects to take place, and how long it would take them. Here you can see the first set of dots being the square and the others the text being pulled down.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.39.06

Finally, the last effects I do is make sure that all of the pieces in the composition fade out at the end, as this creates a more professional look. I did this by doing the following steps but used the opacity tool instead of the position.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.39.30